DMSE is an expert consulting firm operating on any issues related with solar photovoltaic electricity, founded in 2006 by an engineer stemming from the photovoltaic industry.
DMSE offers to its customers a large range of counseling and engineering services.

The energy model developed these last 60 years is no longer adapted to the current environmental, economic and human conditions. DMSE helps its customers to spread out production systems of renewable, local and decentralized energy.

The integration of these power plants in our environment is achieved through off grid plants in remote sites, hybrid mini-grids or power plants supplying energy to the public grid. We support our customer by providing our expertise in decision making and by seeking optimal solutions in an environmental, social, economic and technical perspective. We advise and assist a wide spectrum of customers, nationally or internationally, from local authority to investment bank.

DMSE operates at different levels :


  • Training and awareness of stakeholders or decision makers
  • Feasibility study
  • Yield prediction of a territory (cluster of houses, district, municipality, canton, department)
  • Yield prediction for a given project, statistical distribution of results
  • Engineering, design and construction management
  • Financial and Legal project management
  • PV plant audit