DMSE works on all types and sizes of photovoltaic projects :

  • Off-grid residential (development project, leisure bungalows, eco project…)
  • Off grid industrial (oil & gas, telecom, aviation…)
  • Solar pumping
  • Hybrid mini grid( Diesel, Wind, hydro…)
  • Grid connected and building integrated PV system (NZEB)
  • Grid connected car park solar canopy
  • Grid connected ground-mounted solar plant
Feasibility study / Diagnosis

The feasibility study allows the decision maker to assess the regulatory, technical, legal, environmental and financial aspects of a project before making the investment decision.


  • Geographical borders of the project
  • Identification of environmental and topographical obligations
  • Identification of the connection points to the electricity grid
  • Solar radiation data collections
  • Customer needs analysis : Full energy sale to designated operator (PPA), Self consumption of produced energy, Off grid
  • Technical solutions proposal
  • System sizing
  • Evaluation of site productivity
  • Business investments evaluation
  • Operating and maintenance cost evaluation
  • Project schedule setup
  • Project business plan setup
Solar potential study :

When the decision to carry out a photovoltaic project has been taken, it is then necessary to finance the construction of the project, DMSE produces yield estimation with a statistical distribution of results allowing financial institutions to appreciate the good performance of the project.


  • Project development documents collection
  • Possible technical configuration adjustment
  • Collection and synthesis of solar radiation data
  • 3D simulation of the power plant to take into account the shading of the environment and plant components
  • Taking Into account all of the losses of the power plant : Environmental, Mécanical, Electrical
  • Producible simulation in steps of 1 hour
  • Evaluation of data uncertainties
  • Performance ratio calculation
  • P50, P90 calculation
  • Report for the bank

Project ownership assistance / Project management :

To achieve a perfectly optimized project that will have the expected durability, it is necessary to give companies technical framework and to control them.The owner, agent or project manager handle this role. DMSE can take part in each of the configurations according to the level of responsibility and technical knowledge undertaken by the client.

  • Detailed study of the project
  • Accurate sizing of all components
  • Drafting of technical specifications for each lot
  • Drafting of performance requirements
  • Request for quotations
  • Negociation and finalization of contracts
  • Contractors’ coordination (concessionaires, technical controllers, outsiders…)
  • Visa on executive plannings
  • Works progress monitoring
  • Financial monitoring and reporting
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance contract set up
  • Performance guarantee contract negociation
Audit :

When a solar installation is sold, or does not reach the expected performance, it is necessary to conduct a full audit of the plant.

  • Permitting analysis
  • Grid connection contracts review
  • Power Producer Agreement review
  • Insurance cover review
  • Legal documentation assessments
  • Technical design analysis
  • Site visit
  • On-site measurements
  • Measurements analysis
  • Report summarizing all the results and possible corrective actions to set up
Training :

DMSE offers trainings on various topics related to solar PV, from popularization in schools to public or private customers formation.

  • Awareness of RE / solar photovoltaic principles
  • Technical training to different applications of photovoltaic :
    • Off grid residential
    • Pumping
    • Off grid industrial
    • Hybrid mini grid
    • Auto-consumption/ self-production
    • Grid-connected PV system
    • Building integrated PV system (NZEB)
  • Practical works on photovoltaic principle / school contributions
  • Training for users / operators / maintenance

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